Honors | Introduction to Computer Science - Honors
H211 | 1475 | Dubvig

1:00-2:15P TR LH115

Computer systems have taken on an increasingly important role in our
society, and the heart and soul of any computer system is the software
that drives it. Individuals who love to write software and who have a
talent for doing so will have unique opportunities to contribute to
our society in ways we can hardly imagine today. If you wish to
develop a love and talent for computer programming, this course will
help you to do so.  We will consider computer programming, neither as
a science nor as an art, but as a craft to be learned from
apprenticeship and practice. You will learn to appreciate the elegance
and beauty of a computer program as well
as its function. We will study principles that will serve you not just
in a first programming job but for years to come. Some of you will
come to this course with prior programming experience, and some
without. Either way is fine; the only requirements beyond the
stated prerequisites are an open mind and a willingness to learn.