Honors | Introduction to the Study of Language
L103 | 3279 | Obeng

Linguistics  Introduction to the Study of Language
L103 3004  Dr. Samuel Obeng
2:30-3:20P R WH 006

This course is a general introduction to the study of human language,
both as an object of study in its own right and as a fundamental
component of human cognition and socialization. Focusing on several
languages (including various English dialects), the course examines
aspects of linguistic sounds and sound patterns (phonetics and
phonology), word structure and meaning (morphology and lexical
semantics), sentence structure and meaning (syntax and sentence
semantics), language in context (pragmatics and sociolinguistics),
language acquisition, historical linguistics, and language policy and
language planning. By the end of the course students should be
acquainted with the basics of linguistic analysis, be aware of the
fundamental similarities and differences among all human languages,
and have an informed perspective on issues of language that have an
impact on our society.