Honors | Honors Course in Calculus III
S311 | 3588 | Judge

9:05-9:55A Daily BH240

The study of calculus in many dimensions developed hand in hand with
theoretical physics during the 18th, 19th and early 20th century.
Indeed, today it serves as the language for much of modern theoretical
physics. Yet, multidimensional calculus has many applications outside
of physics such as computer imaging and economics. It serves as the
foundation upon which modern geometry is built, and it finds use in
many unexpected parts of mathematics, for example number theory. It
pervades modern mathematics.

S311 is the first part of a full year honors course in
multidimensional calculus. As in the usual course, the goal is to
master the techniques of differentiation and integration in many
dimensions. But in S311 we take the 'high roads' of local differential

A theorem and proof approach to the material will solidify these
roads, and along the way I will point out applications to theoretical
physics. It should prove to be an interesting journey.