Honors | Honors Course Probability Theory I
S463 | 3610 | Tran

1:25-2:15P Daily SE240

Even if you have already had a first course in probability, this
course is worth considering. We develop basic topics: expected values,
independence, important discrete and continuous probability
distributions, and the central limit theorem.

One strong point of this course is our text. It has extremely
thoughtful examples and exercises which lead one to try interesting
approaches to answer interesting questions. In M463, one often finds
that certain viewpoints will convert a "difficult issue" into a "
straightforward issue". The author, Sheldon Ross, writes well.

This course will prepare students for either more probability in the
spring semester, M464, or for a spring mathematical statistics course,

TEXT:  Author: Sheldon Ross
Title: A First Course in Probability, 5th edition
Prentice Hall Publishing, 1997

Probability and Stochastic Processes			
Frederick Solomon
Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics
Bain & Engelhardt

Homework:	45 problems over the 15 week semester, counts as 20%
of the total grade.
Exams:		2 exams. Each count as 25% of the total course grade.
Final Exam:	The final counts as 30% of the total course grade.

During each class period, exercises will be assigned from the
textbook. Each week, four of these problems will be designated as
problems to turn in for grading. These problems, along with the
other assigned problems, will be the basis for exam questions.

You are strongly encouraged to work out these problems at home
And to discuss the non-designated problems with other class
members. However, work the four designated problems each week
by yourself. You should certainly ask for problem solving hints
during the class periods.