Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Intro to Life Span Human Development
F150 | 6809 | R. Billingham

Popular "folk" wisdom holds that development ends after adolescence.
However, in this course, students learn that the development of human
beings is a dynamic process that continues from conception until
death. Students examine the ways development occurs along the way.
The course embraces both scientific knowledge and personal awareness,
first allowing the student to understand from contemporary research
just how  development occurs physically, mentally, psychologically,
and socially  Each person taking and teaching this course is, of
course, a developing human being, and the class helps participants
see how each individual's interpretation of development is filtered
through personal biases.  Students are called on to address the
tension between the scientific and the personal, to examine the
assumptions and values that underlie their study.  The major goals of
this course are (1) to master selected portions of the body of
knowledge concerning human development across the lifespan, grounded
in the contexts in which that development occurs; and (2) to develop
critical thinking skills.