Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Res & Eval Methods in Health & Safety
H494 | 6764 | E. Jones-McKyer

This is an introduction to the methods commonly used in research and
evaluation in the health sciences.  It will include characterizations
of human inquiry, the role of theory and knowledge of previous
studies, research design, sampling, measurement issues,
validity/reliability, and data collection, data analysis, and
communication of the results.

Lectures are combined with class discussions of assigned readings and
in-class exercises.  Assignments include various field activities,
individual and group assignments.

1.       Schutt, R. (3rd Ed.). (2001).  Investigating the Social
World:   The Process and Practice of Research.  Thousand Oaks, CA:
Pine Forge Press.  Check TIS and IMU Bookstores.
2.       Course Packet

Based upon performance from the following:
          Two exams (mid-term & final exam)
          Minimum of 5 in-class activities
          Minimum of 5 field activities
          Minimum of 5 major assignments
          At least 90% attendance and active participation.