Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Recreation Sport Programming
P324 | 6595 | Dr. Craig Ross

Course Description:

Exploration and examination of theoretical foundations and basic sport
programming skills, methods, and techniques necessary to deliver
recreational sport activities within a variety of settings, agencies
and/or organizations.

Required Book List:

Recreational Sports Management, by Mull, R.F., Bayless, K.G., Ross,
C.M., and Jamieson, L. M. (1997) Third Edition, Human kinetics Publishers.

Summary of Assignments:

In-class Activities:  The course places a significant amount of
emphasis on active involvement in class with the material.  Numerous
in-class activities will be conducted throughout the semester at
random times.

Project Reports:  Three (3) project reports will be completed.
Project Report #1: Program Proposal will be the design of a
recreational sport program for a specific population in a specifid
management setting. Project Report #2: Management Plan will be a
management Plan will be a management policy plan and report covering a
specific management issue related to the field of recreational sport
management.  Project Report #3: Research Paper will be a
research-oriented literature review covering a relevant issue or topic
related to the field of recreational sport.   In general, project
reports are expected to be in-depth analyses of the topics covered,
and are expected to follow requested format.

Program Case Report:  A case study of an existing recreational sport
program will be completed.  This program case study will consist of a
general analysis of the program, including facilities used, clientele
served, program structure, program format, policies, procedures,
rules, modifications, staffing, budget, risk management issues, etc.

Recreational Sport Policy Debate:  Students will debate a specific
policy issue affecting the field of recrerational sport management in
class.  Students will be required to take an active role in the debate
and will be required to write a brief position statement
(approximately 2-3 pages) reflecting the student's view on the issue