Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Fundamentals of Search and Rescue
R100 | 7289 | Tom Millen

CLASS TIME: October 10, 6:00-10:00pm in the IMU Sassafras Tree Suite;
	    October 11, 8:00am?10:00pm; October 12, 8:00am-5:00pm
(Attendance at class is required to attend field dates)

FIELD DATES:  October 24-26, class and mock rescue


LOCATION: Hoosier National Forest, Indiana

Fundamentals of Search and Rescue is designed to teach the basic
skills needed to become a Search and Rescue Technician Level III.  The
course meets two weekends, one for class room lectures and the other
for a mock search and rescue, where skills learned from the previous
weekend will be evaluated and tested.

Books are included in the course fee and will be handed out first day
of class.

ASSIGNMENTS: Assigned readings and exercises as required

EVALUATION: 40% written exam, 20% orientation course, 30% mock rescue,
and 10% attendance

The additional fee for the class is $200, which includes the required
text, certification, and training.  You will sign a bursar slip the
first day of class to pay this fee.