Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Graduate Prerequisite In Rec. & Park Admin.
R391 | 7331 | Joel Meier

Location - BH 241 - Additional Info.---Course is for new master's
students entering the Recreation & Park Administration degree program
from outside the field.

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of fundamental
concepts, practices, and disciplines in recreation and leisure for
those with minimal academic background in the field.

Students will actively explore recreation and leisure history,
philosophy, theory, leadership methods, professional specializations,
program development, and other basic relevant

Required Book List:_A wide variety of outside readings are assigned
throughout the semester.  Readings are posted on the internet and can
be downloaded and read on screen or printed._

Summary of Assignments:_ Reading is an essential course requirement.
Therefore, students are required to provide the instructor with a one
to two page single spaced typed summary of each reading assignment.
Papers are due on first class session after reading has been assigned.
Research Paper and Related Class Report - Each student will write a
10 to 15 page (double spaced) term paper and will also make a ten to
fifteen minute classroom presentation on your chosen topic.  The topic
of choice is to deal with a contemporary issue, problem, trend, or
?hot topic? in the field of recreation.  Theory Presentations - Each
student will investigate and give a ten minute report to the class on
a specific leisure theory.  Theory presentations will be scheduled
individually during various class sessions.