Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Management of Leisure Services
R466 | 7342 | Sarah J. Young

CLASS TIME:  11:15am - 12:05pm   ------   DAYS: MWF

Description of Cours Content:

The course is designed to equip students with basic knowledge and
abilities necessary to administer a public, not-for-profit, or
commercial leisure service agency, or division of an agency.

Required Book List:

Bannon, J.J. (1999).  911 management: A comprehensive guide for
leisure service managers.  Champaign, IL.  Sagamore Publishing.

Summary of Assignments:

The requirements for this course include the preparation and
submission of a variety of different assignments related to management
of leisure services.  All assignments are due in class on the date and
time indicated in the syllabus.  All written homework assignments
should be typed unless otherwise indicated.  A professional looking
appearance is required which includes proofreading all of your work.
Students should refer to the APA (5th ed) Manual for guidance in
preparation of typed papers and assignments.