Labor Studies | The Experience of Work
L290 | 363a | Scherr, Stacy

5:45-8:25 PM, Monday.  Class meets October 27, November 3, 10, 17 and
December 1 in Woodburn Hall 004.

Why are some people low paid maids or service workers while others
are high paid executives, doctors or lawyers?  If you could have any
job or career you wanted, what would it be?  Is it possible (or
likely) that everyone can attain a dream job?  These are the types of
the questions that we will explore in this course.  We will begin
with a brief overview of the history of work, explore how culture
affects our work life, and discover why some are more likely to end
up in high paying jobs while others end up in low paying jobs.  We
will also discuss how technology influences the work people do and
the types of jobs people will have in the future.  For our "data" we
will read first hand accounts of the various jobs people have.  Class
time will be devoted to interactive learning, discussion, and
analysis.  Your grade in this course will be determined by various in
and out of class activities and a take-home final.