Music | Stylistic Composition
T410 | 8949 | Lewis Rowell

T 410  Stylistic Composition (3 cr.) MW 1:00-2:15P  M267  Professor
L. Rowell

The goal of this course is to develop a deeper understanding of
musical style and technique through a series of short composition
projects based on models by major composers (ca. 1750-1912). Projects
will vary, depending upon individual interests, and may include
several of the
following: a preclassical binary dance movement (C.P.E.Bach), a
sonata-allegro (Mozart), a theme with variations (Beethoven), a
character piece for piano (Schumann, Chopin), a Lied (Schubert,
Brahms) for voice and piano, a recitative and aria (Bellini, Verdi),
and/or sketches in the style of Wagner, Debussy, or other late
nineteenth-century composers. One of the projects will involve making
an orchestral sketch and expanding it to a complete score. Enrollment
is limited to 12. Prerequisites: T232 and T252.