Music | The Teaching of Theory 2
T592 | 8957 | Mary Wennerstrom

T592  Teaching of Music Theory 2                 Fall, 2003
Approaches for Upper-level Courses

TR  1:00-2:15 PM                   M340

Instructor:  Mary Wennerstrom

Prerequisite:  T591 (Teaching of Music Theory 1) or consent of

A study of upper-level undergraduate and masterís courses in music
theory, including stylistic and free counterpoint, form and analysis,
teaching of theory, analytical techniques, and stylistic (period-
based) analysis, including courses on music since 1900.  Textbook
materials (for written and skills courses), analytical and course
content issues, and curriculum design.  The class will include
discussion of readings, individual and group presentations, short
papers and assignments, and the preparation of a detailed syllabus
and teaching materials for one type of course.