Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Koranic Studies
N370 | 3660 | Walbridge J

The Koran and the Bible are the two most venerated books in history,
but the Koran is far less known and understood for English readers.
The purpose of this course is to introduce the Koran, its major
themes, and its history.  Topics to be covered include:

	-how the Koran came into being;
	-the structure, style, and organization of the Koran,
	-God and humanity in the Koran,
	-the Koranic sciences, especially interpretation;
	-the Koran in Islamic culture,
	-the relationship of the Koran to Judaism and Christianity,
	-women in the Koran.

Previous courses on Islam are useful but not required.  Students
interested in Islam, literature, religion, and culture are invited.
Allowance is made for the different levels of experience among the

The  class consists of one lecture and one discussion class a week.
Two discussion sections are available. Please note that discussion
section 3661 will be conducted in English, while discussion section
3662 will require some knowledge of Arabic.