Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Graduate Topics in NELC: Intro Readings in Hebrew Literature
N695 | 3666 | Katz S

Graduate Topics in NELC

N695 Section 3666
Introductory Readings in Hebrew Literature

This course will introduce students to selections, all in the
original Hebrew, of the chief poets, essayists and novelists of
modern Hebrew literature. The purpose of the course is to serve as a
transition from advanced Hebrew language classes to more specific
literature courses. Emphasis will be on sampling many selections, so
brevity of the selection will be a common feature in most instances.
We will be reading selections from all genres--poetry, short stories,
essays and ordinary prose. Students will be acquainted with names and
contributions of central writers whose works occupy a variety of
styles of modern Hebrew. Students will be introduced to chief
features in the evolution of the language (as we proceed to read more
contemporary selections) and how meaning is obtained from a Hebrew

This is an intensive Hebrew class. Our goal will be to sample to
vocabulary of these diverse selections by reading in and outside
class, writing summaries or short essays in response to questions,
writing sentences with selected words, and using Hebrew in our
discussions. Oral presentations, drills, quizzes, and periodic exams
will be used to assess progress.