Near Eastern Languages and Cultures | Modern Arabic Poetry in Comparative Contexts
N709 | 3685 | Stetkevych S

N709 Seminar in Modern Arabic Literature
Topic: Modern Arabic Poetry in Comparative Contexts

The seminar will aim at a multifaceted study of selected modern Arab
poets in a comparative context with modern poets from other
literatures. The first 8 to 10 weeks will be devoted to the works of
such Arab poets as al-Sayyab, Salah `Abd al-Sabur, al-Bayati, Darwish
and Adonis alternating with the study of major international poetic
figures such as T.S. Eliot, Garcia Lorca, Pablo Neruda, and Nazem
Hikmat. The precise selection of poets may be adjusted to suit the
interests of the students. The remainder of the course will be
devoted to individual student presentations of selected pairs of one
Arab and one non-Arab poet for the final research projects. The
course will examine major literary critical themes associated with
the Arab free verse movement: free verse vs. traditional poetry;
literary vs. colloquial Arabic; postcolonialism and Arab nationalism;
Western influence; the poetics of exile; the poetics of resistance
poetry, etc.

Prerequisite: reading knowledge of Arabic

Requirements: Attendance, participation, and weekly oral and/or
written presentations.
Final research project: presented orally in class and in written form
(15-20 pp.).