Philosophy | Elementary Logic
P150 | 3756 | McCarty

This course provides students with a first introduction to basic
techniques in modern logic.  The bulk of our attention will be
directed toward propositional logic - the logic of statements and
their interrelations.  The principal techniques students encounter
here include analysis of statements via symbolization, evaluation of
arguments with truth tables and the representation of inferences
using natural deduction derivations.  Our treatment of propositional
logic will be followed by a briefer excurison into predicate logic -
the logic of quantifiers.  There, simple symbolizations and natural
deduction derivations also play a leading role.

Reqiored texts: Howard Pospesel's two paperback volumes,
Propositional Logic and Predicate Logic, supplemented by a reading

Along with occasional quizzes and homework, students will be
expected to complete three in-class, written examinations and the
course final.