Philosophy | Topics in Theory of Knowledge
P312 | 3772 | Leite

We all think that we know a great deal -- about ourselves, about
other people, about the world around us.  But how do we know these
things?  Do we really know them?  How is it even possible for us to
have knowledge about the world, about the thoughts and feelings of
ourselves and of other people, about things we are not currently
observing, or about logic and mathematics?  Indeed, what is
knowledge?  How does it differ from a mere belief, or from a lucky
guess?  And why do we care so much about it?  What is the relation
between our interest in knowledge and the fact that we are social
beings?  Can psychology help us develop a philosophical understanding
of knowledge?  These and other questions will be taken up through a
careful reading of important historical and contemporary
philosophical discussions.