Political Science | American Political Controversies
Y100 | 3909 | Nissen

First 10 weeks only.

The world is full of controversies.  Every profession has them, but
perhaps the controversies that surround the world of politics and
political scientists are the most intriguing.  These controversies
affect almost everyone, and with enough information, everyone can
weigh in on these controversies.  The intentions of this class are
just that, to inform you about the nature of certain controversies so
that in the future, you can make informed decisions regarding these

This class will focus on political satire.  While satire is funny, it
often has a core of truth.  Sometimes, this truth is something we do
not want to hear or goes against the grain of majority thought.  With
this in mind, satire can often be extremely critical of a position.
A clip from the satirical television program “The Simpsons” will
introduce each controversy we discuss in class.