Political Science | Intro to American Politics
Y103 | 3912 | Gerrity

Think politics doesn’t matter?  This course challenges you to think
otherwise!  The events of September 11th, the subsequent war on
terrorism, and the 2000 presidential election are some of the major
ways politics has affected our lives in the past several years.
However, politics also affects our lives in some pretty mundane ways
too.  The roads we drive on, the foods that we eat, the quality of
healthcare we receive, and the taxes that are taken out of our
paycheck every month are just a few of the ways our lives are
affected daily by government decisions.

The purpose of this course is to help you develop the tools you need
to understand our system of government, why it works the way it does,
and how groups and (sometimes) individuals can make changes in its
impact.  This class is also designed to give you the power to be
politically aware, politically knowledgeable, and, if you chose,
politically active.  We will do so by contemplating what it means to
be a citizen—what are your rights, responsibilities, and
opportunities for action?  We will also learn how to think critically
about the sources from which we receive information about the
political world around us, including the media and politicians.

The skills and knowledge that you will develop in this class are not
just applicable to political science students—they are portable and
transferable.  Whether your future is taking you into business, or
law, into public administration, or education, or the arts and
sciences, or even unemployment, politics will touch your lives in
many ways.  This course will help you hone important skills, such as
critical thinking, communication, and study skills that will prepare
you for future courses, academic pursuits, career pursuits and even
future cocktail party conversations.