Political Science | Making Democracy Work
Y212 | 9720 | McDougall

This course is an introduction to the complex notion of democracy. It
is designed to introduce students to the theoretical origins,
resurgence, variations, possible determinants, and challenges
embedded in the ‘great and problematic gift of the West’. Given its
broad usage (over-usage?) in modern society, we will critically
review the idea of democracy as it has developed in the 20th century,
familiarize ourselves with its role, its variations, and examine its
contributions and shortcomings. In short, we will discern what
democracy is, and is not. This is a broad survey of the literature
that is designed to highlight but a few of the many topics associated
with the study of democracy and to encourage students interested in
political science to eventually pursue their own interests in one, if
not many, of the included topics.