Political Science | Form Public Policy in the U.S.
Y303 | 3932 | Day

This course is designed to give an overview of the formation of
public policy in the United States.  In particular, it will highlight
various theoretical approaches contained in the policy literature,
and focus on the governmental structures and procedures through which
policy is designed and implemented.  Another important focus will be
on the interaction of various actors, including both governmental and
non-governmental organizations, within the variety of policy-making
institutions in American government.  While the overall focus will be
on policy-making at the federal level, some attention will also be
paid to local and state policy as well.  We will also examine
substantive policy areas such as Social Security and welfare, health
care, the environment, and defense as a means of illustrating the
broader theoretical lessons of the course.  Finally, policy analysis
as a discipline will be briefly surveyed as an introduction to other
courses of study in the field of public policy.  Readings will be
taken mostly from three books, all available at the IU Bookstore:

American Public Policy, 5th Edition (6th if available), by B. Guy

Public Policy Analysis: a Political Economy Approach, by Kenneth N.
Bickers and John T. Williams.

Public Policymaking, 5th Edition, James E. Anderson.