Political Science | Current Foreign Policy Problems
Y366 | 9721 | Pence

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and conclusion of the Cold War
international order was radically altered.  The United States emerged
as the sole remaining superpower.  New patterns of international
interactions have resulted, requiring the United States to evaluate
its relationship with the rest of the world.  Is the U.S. a benign
hegemon? The worldˇ¦s police force? Or, a rogue state?  The purpose of
this course is to examine the United Statesˇ¦ present and future roles
in international politics.
Major themes explored in the course include:
„X	Americaˇ¦s foreign policy legacy
„X	Unilateralism vs. Multilateralism
„X	International Organization
„X	The use of force
„X	Trade
„X	International perspectives on Americaˇ¦s role in global
The instructor hopes this course will expose the continuity as well
as change in the USˇ¦ role in international politics.  Students will
be exposed to a variety of opinions and ideas on the United Statesˇ¦
relationship with the rest of the world.  By the conclusion of the
course students hopefully will have the ability to develop an
informed perspective on this topic, developing their own viewpoint
for what role the United States plays in the world.