Political Science | Pol Violence, Revol & Terrorism
Y396 | 3953 | Rasler

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This course analyzes the major theories of the origins and
characteristics of collective violence within polities–riots,
rebellions, civil wars, revolutions.  These theories will range from
micro models of collective action (e.g., rational, social
psychological and resource mobilization) to societal models of state
breakdown (e.g., the role of geopolitical competition and the
capitalist world economy).  Since these perspectives are rooted in
the works of classical theorists, the contributions of Marx, Pareto,
Durkheim, Weber, Coser and Parsons will be analyzed as well.

The second part of the course will address the consequences of civil
war and revolution on national institutions and political processes.
In particular, the extent to which revolutionaries are able to
reshape civil-state societal relationships.