Political Science | Pol Philosophy: Approaches and Issues
Y675 | 3972 | Craiutu

This course will introduce students to the range of approaches and
issues that comprise political philosophy as a distinct sub-field in
political science.  It is a general survey that seeks to touch on a
variety of concerns and open up further inquiry. We will cover issues
such as: What is the identity of political philosophy, and how has
this identity been shaped? How have understandings of "classical"
vs. "modern" political thought helped to constitute the sub-field?
How have recent approaches to the study of history, like that
associated with Quentin Skinner and the so-called Cambridge School,
altered the practice of political philosophy?  We will also discuss a
number of other approaches or paradigms, including pragmatism,
feminism, and postmodernism.  Finally, we shall also explore how
liberalism has been affected by the development of these various
approaches. The readings for this class include Sheldon
Wolin’s “Political Theory as Vocation,” “Leo Strauss’ “What is
Political Philosophy?” and Isaiah Berlin’s “Does Political Theory
Still Exist?.”