Psychology | Language & Cognition
P438 | 4059 | D. Pisoni

Description of Psychology P438:

“Language & Cognition” is a general survey course dealing with
research, theory and methodology in the field of Psycholinguistics
Major focus will be on the psychological study of language and
complex cognitive processes.  Topics to be covered in the course
include: (1) design features of human language, (2) linguistic
descriptions and linguistic theory, (3) biological basis of language,
(4) grammars, (5) neurolinguistics, (6) speech acoustics and speech
perception, (7) spoken word recognition, lexical access and the
mental lexicon, (8) sentence processing, (9) language comprehension,
(10) language development, (11) reading and (12) bilingualism.  No
previous knowledge of linguistics is assumed; prior background in
Cognitive Psychology (i.e., P335) would be helpful.