Psychology | An Introduction to Foundational Measurement
P658 | 4091 | J. Townsend

This will be a seminar on the axiomatic  theory of measurment and
scaling.  The text will be Measurement Theory by Fred Roberts.  The
topics of types of measurement scale (e.g., absolute, ratio,
interval, ordinal and nominal) and proofs of existence, and proving
uniqueness of a measurement scale up to some level (e.g., ratio--
>uniqueness up to multiplication by a positive constant).  The
driving force will be the postulate that in assigning numbers to
things in the real world, we are attempting to make quantitative
statements that capture important qualitative facts and relationships
about those things in said real world.  The course will be reasonably
mathematical and a good grasp of calculus is necessary.  Also
helpful, but not required would be some experience with naive set
theory and/or real analysis or topology,  and  modern algebra.  We
will go through proofs of certain theorems, do some problems, and
discuss the ramifications for psychological and cognitive science.