Psychology | Concept Learning and Representation
P747 | 4097 | R. Goldstone

Without concepts, thought itself would be impossible. Concepts serve
critical roles in organizing our thoughts, perception communication,
prediction, and inference. This seminar will explore issues in
concept learning and representation.  Topics in philosophy, computer
science, and developmental psychology will be covered, but the
preponderance of the material will be from cognitive psychology.
Among other topics, we will discuss prototype, exemplar, and “theory”
theories of conceptual representation, the interconnectedness and
modularity of concepts, computational models of concept acquisition,
and how concepts are changed and created.

The three principle obligations of seminar participants will be to
lead one of the fourteen class discussions, read the weekly
assignment, and to actively participate in all class discussions. To
facilitate the last two obligations, participants are required to
prepare a one-page written reaction to the weekly readings.