Religious Studies | Religion, Ethics & Public Life
R170 | 4130 | Mongoven

This course focuses on issues of violence as it introduces students
to the study of religion and ethics.  Through our consideration of
war, capital punishment, physician-assisted suicide, abortion, and
sexual/domestic violence we will consider a number of cross-cutting
theoretical questions; what are some of the central moral themes of
Judaism and Christianity?  What moral disagreements have arisen
within these traditions?  How do religious ethics intersect or
diverge with secular ethics?  In a pluralistic society, can
religious and non-religious people talk to each other about ethics?
The course will draw upon biblical texts, religious and secular
arguments, case studies, film, and fiction.  Special attention will
be given to recent world events such as the aftermath of 9/11/01.
Course requirements will include quizzes, a mid-term, a short paper,
participation in a role-play or debate, and a final exam.