Religious Studies | Love & Justice
R372 | 4152 | Mongoven

This course explores an evolving conversation on justice, care, and
gender--a conversation that crosscuts both secular and Christian
ethics. The conversation highlights questions about the relationship
between public and private morality, as well as questions about the
relationship between gender and ethics. To what extent might women
and men have characteristically different moral virtues, moral sins,
or moral voices? What moral voice does “God” speak, or do people
speak about “God”? How might sensitivity to diverse moral
vocabularies explode conventional ethical categories,
including “God”?  How do concepts of justice and care either inform
or impede consideration of practical ethical issues?  We will
consider practical issues such as domestic violence, alternative
reproductive techniques, and environmental challenges.
Finally, “what’s love got to do with it?”  What interpretations of
Christian love challenge or transform cultural conceptions of
justice and care? Or, what interpretations of justice and care
challenge conventional interpretations of Christian love?