Religious Studies | Augustine of Hippo
R620 | 4174 | Brakke

A seminar on the life and thought of Augustine of Hippo (354-430),
the pivotal figure at the transition from Late Antiquity to the
Middle Ages.  Readings in his essential works will be followed by
student seminar papers on topics that they select, which will
culminate in research papers.  The focus of the seminar – whether
social, historical, philosophical, or religious – will flow from the
interests of the participants.  Participants will be encouraged to
audit sessions of the conference on “The Religious Self in
Antiquity,” which will meet in Bloomington in September.  Textbooks:
Augustine, Confessions, The Trinity, City of God, The Enchiridion on
Faith, Hope, and Love; Peter Brown, Augustine of Hippo; John Rist,
Augustine: Ancient Thought Baptized.