Slavic Languages and Literatures | History of West Slavic
L575 | ALL | Feldstein

Course description:
The format of this course is similar to that of the History of South Slavic.
The course is primarily divided into the study of the history and
dialectology of Lekhitic (mainly Polish) and the Czech-Slovak zones.  Brief
attention is directed at Sorbian.  It is recommended that students have a
reading knowledge of Polish, Czech, or Slovak.  On a previous occasion, a
Russian language textbook was used, since it was the only Slavic language
known by all students in the course.

A sample course syllabus follows:
History of West Slavic        L575:  Syllabus          R. Feldstein
I.  Comparison of West Slavic to other Slavic branches.
II.  Major features of Lekhitic, Sorbian, and Czecho-Slovak groups.
(Selishchev, pp. 17-24; Stieber Zarys..., Ch. 1)
III.  Lekhitic
A.  Major reflexes, orthography, sound systems.
Selishchev, pp. 271-302.
B.  Major isoglosses:  West, East, Central.
Zarys, Ch. 2.
C.  Kashubian contrasted to Polish.
Zarys, Ch. 2; Selishchev 382-7.
D.  Polish dialects vs. Standard Polish.
Selishchev, pp. 387-98; Zarys, Ch. 2, Stankiewicz, 1966.
E.  Polish historical phonology.
Selishchev 302-44; Stieber, 1966 or 1973.
F.  Morphology.
Selishchev, 345-81.
G.  Polabian
Selishchev, pp. 419-46.
IV.  Czecho-Slovak
A.  Major reflexes, orthography, sound systems.
Selishchev, 27-72, Zarys, Ch. 4.
B.  Czech contrasted to Slovak.
C.  Czech dialects and colloquial speech contrasted to standard.
Selishchev, 183-90; Zarys, Ch. 4.
D.  Slovak dialects vs. Standard Slovak.
Selishchev, 190-8; Zarys, Ch. 4.
E.  Historical phonology of Czech and Slovak
General:  Selishchev, 72-119.
Czech:  Lamprecht et al, pp. 15-111;  Lehr-Sp awi ski and
Stieber, 1957, pp. 56-103.
Slovak:  Kraj ovi , 1975 or Pauliny, 1963.
F.  Morphology.
Selishchev, 120-82.
V.  Sorbian
A.  Major reflexes, orthographies, sound systems.
Selishchev, 221-43.
B.  Upper vs. Lower Sorbian.
C.  Dialects.
Selishchev, 260-2.
D.  Morphology.
Selishchev, 244-60.
Primary recommended texts:
1..  Selishchev, A. M.  Slavjanskoe jazykoznanie:  Tom I:
Zapadnoslavjanskie jazyki.  Moscow, 1941.
2.  Stieber, Z.  Zarys dialektologii zachodnios owia skiej.  Warsaw,