Slavic Languages and Literatures | Advanced Intermediate Russian 2
R302 | ALL | Richter

Co-requisite: R326

Third-year Russian is intended to be an in-depth review of grammar, the
first semester (R301) concentrating on the nominal system, and the second
semester (R302) on the verbal system.

The following grammatical topics are covered in R302 as it is currently
1. The conjugational system, being a review of the various verb classes
2. Position verbs (sit, stand, lie)
3. Hang/weigh verbs
4. Teach/learn verbs (if necessary)
5. Negation as a semantic and structural system
6. Time-expression and numeric system
7. Verbs of motion

Time expressions are not part of the verbal system, of course; but students
at this level consistently demonstrate the time expressions are still a big
problem. So we take them on.

More course time is devoted to verbs of motion than to any other topic.