Slavic Languages and Literatures | Advanced Russian 1
R401 | ALL | Galina Krivonos

Course: R401, Fall 2003
Instructor: Galina Krivonos

Building on the skills covered in 3rd-year courses, R401 develops 5-
skill competencies (reading, writing, speaking, listening and
culture), focusing in particular on speaking and writing.  The
primary textbook for the course will be Tall and Vlasikov’s Let’s
Talk About Life which will be supplemented by the video from Lekic,
Rassudova, and Kirsh’s Chto vy ob etom dumaete?, both of which
address a wide range of contemporary issues in Russian daily life.
Wade's A Comprehensive Russian Grammar will be a required reference
grammar.  Throughout the course, students will participate in class
discussions, debates, and presentations related to these topics.
They will also compose a number of essays, written at home and
presented informally to the class; these will serve as departure
points for the day's class discussions.  Through these activities
students will be reviewing and activating previously covered grammar
as well as expanding their active vocabulary.  Students will learn to
develop an idea and support their point of view in paragraph-length
discourse, in addition to developing their own style of self-
expression.  This course (and its continuation R402) will prepare
students for the 5th-year Russian courses (R501–502) which
concentrate on syntax and stylistics.

The grade will be based on the following criteria:

Quizzes (vocabulary and grammar review)	20%
Home assignments:
	exercises				10%
	written essays				20%
Class participation				10%
Oral presentations				15%
Final essay					20%
Final presentation				  5%

Students will choose the topic for their final essay from an area of
their interest or specialization.  This essay will be presented
orally in class.