Slavic Languages and Literatures | Russian for Graduate Students 1
R491 | ALL | Keller

First semester of a two-semester sequence for the development of reading
skills in Russian. Second semester: R492

The goal is to go from "zero-Russian" to a competency in reading Russian,
with the aid of a dictionary, in one's area of research.

The first semester generally covers the basic grammatical structures of
Russian, with special emphasis as to their appearance in reading. At the
halfway point in the semester short passages are presented to the students.
These short passages are graded for level of difficulty, and are accompanied
by a set of English "glosses" - translations of the more difficult words.

Textbook used for the basic grammatical structures:
Pat Arant, Reading Russian. Bloomington, IN: Slavica Publishers, 1978.

The grammatical presentations in Arant tend to be brief and succinct. For
this reason, the major points are embelished with xeroxed explanations from
leading four-skills (proficiency oriented) textbooks.