Slavic Languages and Literatures | Russian for Graduate Students 2
R492 | ALL | Keller

Second semester of a two-semester sequence for the development of reading
skills in Russian. First semester: R491

The second semester completes Arant's coverage of the basic grammatical
structures of Russian. A typical division is Arant, chapters 1 through 10 in
the first semester, and the remaining 2 chapters, 11 and 12, at the
beginning of the second semester.

The bulk of the second semester is devoted to reading and translating
passages of common interest to the students.

Experience has shown that the following textbook has become the most popular
textbook with the students:

Irene Thompson, Reading Real Russian. 2nd Ed.
NY: Prentice Hall, 1998.

In addition to the Thompson text, xeroxed sections (reading passages)  from
the two other important textbooks in teaching Russian are examined from time
to time:

Emily Tall, Let's Talk About Life. NY: John Wiley, 1996.

Charles Townsend, Russian Readings for Close Analysis. Dubuque, Iowa:
Kendall / Hunt, 1993.

Since the major part of the second semester is concerns the readings in the
Thompson text, I will give a very brief summary of the themes found in
Thompson's 12 chapters:
1. Study and education.
2. Work and business.
3. Housing and real estate.
4. Food and nutrition.
5. Art and museums.
6. Television and movies.
7. Music and theater.
8. Exercise and sports.
9. Shopping and economy.
10. Transportation and travel.
11. Computers and communication.
12. Young people and society.

Class Project:
20% of the second semester's grade is devoted to the student's translation
of an article or a book chapter in the student's discipline. Such passages
are generally 7 - 10 pages in length.

The student consults with the professor concerning the appropriateness and
practicality of the chosen text. The student then submits the text and the
translation toward the end of the semester.