Social Work | Generalist Social Work Practice I: Theory and Skills
S231 | 9478 | Hostetter

This is the first course in the social work practice professional
foundation area. This course is designed to provide students with a
beginning understanding of generalist social work practice. This
course uses a range of perspectives including strengths perspective,
empowerment perspectives and person-in-environment perspective. The
course focuses on the beginning phase of the helping process and
related skills. The course is based on the assumption that
professional practice is built on a combination of knowledge, skills,
and values. The main focus of this course is to clarify use of person-
in-environment and strengths perspectives in assessment of individual
clients. Students will develop interviewing skills with individual
clients to gather information about their situation within the
contexts of family and community environment.  Integration of these
social work concepts is accomplished mainly by lectures, role playing
and exercises.