Social Work | Human Behavior & The Social. Environment II: Small Group Functioning
S322 | 9484 | Tba

Generalist social work practice recognizes the importance of groups
in the life of individuals and societies. Groups are one of the most
important vehicles for the social development of the individual as
well as one of the basic structures by which a society organizes
itself. They are often the means in which both individual and
collective empowerment can occur, enabling the parties involved to
effect change in their environment. Because of this significance, the
study of group process and group practice is essential for social

S322 Human Behavior and Social Environment II: Small Group
Functioning serves as a linkage between the HBSE I and III courses.
It is based on the strengths and empowerment perspectives and uses a
systems analysis for understanding the impact of the small group on
both the individual and society. This course focuses on group
dynamics and practice, with an emphasis on the small group.  In
addition, the course is designed to enhance students' effectiveness
for group participation and leadership. The course analyzes different
social work roles and the various intervention groups used in working
with groups.  It offers a discourse on the individual as a member of
a variety of groups, including the family and the formal organization
as a composite of groups.

The course activities include student participation in a small group
experience where they will have the opportunity to learn selected
skills for practice with small group experience while studying the
specifics of group theory and group dynamics.