Social Work | Social Work Research
S371 | 9485 | Hostetter

The first course in the research professional content area provides
basic knowledge about research methodology as it applies to social
work. Social work practice and research share common features and
processes as both are fundamentally problem-solving enterprises.
Students are encouraged to generalize the basic concepts and
principles of science presented within this course for use in the
knowledge building activities that take place throughout the broader

The general goal of this basic research course is to introduce and
develop skills needed to conceptualize a problem, make use of
available literature, design a research strategy, evaluate, organize,
and integrate relevant data (both existing and new), derive useful
solutions based on knowledge, and communicate those solutions to
clients and colleagues. It is expected that the attainment of this
goal will serve to prepare students to continue their own
professional education, contribute to the development of the
profession as a whole, and maintain their service to clients at a
standard commensurate with the current level of knowledge.

This course is designed to survey the basic processes of research
methodology as practiced in the social sciences.  Underlying
principles of science and logic are emphasized and special attention
is directed toward the recognition of common sources of error and
bias in the implementation and interpretation of research studies as
it affects the outcomes of research utilization. Students will be
better able to recognize the impact of race, gender, age, and sexual
orientation on the research process.