Theatre and Drama | Theatrical Drafting
T425 | 4845 | Bobard

T425  Theatrical Drafting
Topic:  Technical Drawing

This course is an introduction to standard engineering drawing with
an emphasis on those special types of technical drawing which are
unique to theatre.  A unique feature of the course is that it
emphasizes standard drafting procedures used by industry in general
and then shows how these widely accepted methods have been adapted
to the special needs of theatre technicians and designers.  By this
means it is hoped that the student will be able to facilitate
effective graphical communication with both theatre and industrial
technicians.  It is also assumed that mastery of the more
sophisticated graphical language of industry will allow the theatre
technician to easily and clearly express the increasingly complex
technical designs which are becoming ever more common in theatre.
Concomitant with the exploration of techniques of engineering
drawing is an introduction to aspects of engineering design such as
alternate methods analysis, hardware selection and some of the basic
concepts of structural engineering.