Theatre and Drama | Playwriting I
T453 | 4850 | Reardon

T453  Playwriting I

May be taken for graduate credit.

If you like to write but have never before created anything for the
theatre, this course is designed for you.  Playwriting I concerns
itself with the shorter forms of drama.  By the end of the semester
you will have generated a one to two minute monologue, a ten-minute
sketch, and an original one-act play some 30  35 pages long.  You
will understand the underlying principles of dramatic construction,
and you will have a critical vocabulary sufficient to enable you
both to review productions and to assist in the constructive peer
evaluation of student works  in  progress.  Everyone will have at
least two and possibly three individual conferences with Professor
Reardon and his Graduate Assistant.  In all likelihood, the best
work generated during the semester will receive a public reading.
Try to come to the first class with two or three ideas you think
might be workable.