Theatre and Drama | Development of Dramatic Art 3
T462 | 4852 | Staff

T462 Ė Development of Dramatic Art 3
Topic:  Modern and Contemporary Drama

Fulfills AHLA & CSB req.
COAS Intensive Writing requires registration in COAS W333.
Available for Graduate Credit.

This course is designed to introduce a broad spectrum of
Continental, British and American plays and theatrical
performances.  These range from Bertolt Brechtís Mother Courage to
Robert Wilsonís Einstein on the Beach and constitute significant and
culturally representative works from the contemporary period.  The
course is also geared to acquaint you with recent scholarship in the
field of theatre studies and to help you to develop skills in the
critical analysis of dramatic texts and performances.  These goals
will be accomplished through lectures, readings, film and video
viewings, discussions, and writing assignments.

Since the course fulfills the COAS Intensive Writing requirement, it
will pay special attention to honing writing skills, especially as
required for the analysis and criticism of plays and performances.