Theatre and Drama | American Drama & Theatre 1
T565 | 4865 | Wainscott

T565 Ė American Drama and Theatre I:  Beginnings to 1890

American Theatre and Drama from Beginnings to 1900

This is an examination of both the dramatic literature and
theatrical history of colonial America and the US theatre in the
18th century and throughout the 19th century until 1900.  The course
examines the world of the plays and the significance of theatrical
production in a cultural context:  especially examining relevant
political, artistic, social, philosophical and religious events and
conditions.  Plays read include Warren, The Group, Tyler, The
Contrast, Rowson, Slaves in Algiers, Barker, Superstition, Stone,
Metramora, Medina, Ernest Maltravers, Mowatt, Fashion, Aiken, Uncle
Tomís Cabin, Boucicault, The Octoroon, Daly, Under the Gaslight,
Howard, Shenandoah, Herne, Margaret Fleming, Gillette, Secret