Interdisciplinary Biochemistry Graduate Program | Introduction to Biochemical Research
B580 | 1297 | Zaleski, J.

1.	Description

Objectives and techniques of biochemical research.

2.	Logistics
	3 credits, required for all Biochemistry graduate students.
Enrollment is limited to students in the Biochemistry graduate

3.	Prerequisites
	Graduate standing, enrollment in Biochemistry graduate

4.	Objectives

	To introduce students to graduate-level research methodology
in biochemistry.

5.	Grading

	Grading will be based on performance in the laboratory during
each rotation and the cumulative score of reports written upon
completion of each rotation project.  These scores will be reported
by each rotation mentor and will be compiled by the Graduate Advisor.

6.	Textbook


7.	Course topics

	The research topic will vary, depending on the laboratories
chosen for each rotation project.