Biology | Introductory Biology Lectures
L104 | 1320 | Bonner, J

Course format: Lecture: 9:05A-9:55A, MWF, TBA.

Prerequisites: This is a non-majors course. No biology background is

Course description: Topic: Biology of Food. Discussion of a variety of
cooking methods and chemistry in the kitchen; what happens to food
once we eat it, and how this determines our nutritional requirements;
genetic and evolutionary histories of plants, animals and microbes
that we use for food; ecological impact of human food production
practices; the potential and controversy of genetically-engineered food.

Required text: Harold McGee "On Food and Cooking", a set of readings
prepared by the professor.

Weekly assignments: Readings/study questions; Thursday evening review

Exams/papers: Four exams, with an optional make-up (or alternative) paper.