Biology | Introductory Biology Lectures
L104 | 1323 | Berndtson, A

Course format: Daily lectures: 1:00p-2:15P, TR, JH A100.

Requirements: This is a non-majors course. No biology background is

Course description: Topic: Human Reproduction: From Conception to
Birth.  This course is designed to explore the first nine months of
human development; beginning with fertilization (conception),
continuing throughout pregnancy (gestation) and ending with the birth
of a baby (parturition). This course will focus on the interactions
between the mother and the developing fetus during their nine-month
journey together and discuss how hormonal, nutritional and
environmental conditions within the womb can affect the health of the

Required text: None.

Weekly assignments: Readings/study questions.

Exams/papers: Four exams and three assignments.