Biology | Biological Mechanisms
L112 | 1362 | Zolan, M

Course Format: Lecture: 10:10A-11:00A, MWF, JH 124. This section
requires evening exams at 7-9P on Mondays, Sept. 27, Oct. 25 and Nov.
22. Preference will be given to Freshmen and Sophomores only. Students
should also plan to participate in occasional Monday night programs
from 7-9P. In addition, students are required to attend a one hour per
week learning group (please refer to the Fall 2003 “Schedule of
Classes” for time listings).

Prerequisites:  High school or college chemistry. For biological and
other science majors.

Course Description: Introductory biology course for science majors.
The course presents an integrated picture of the manner in which
living systems meet problems of maintaining and propagating life.  The
issues addressed include: how cells are organized from macromolecules;
how living systems obtain energy; molecular biology and genetics, with
an emphasis on humans; and human physiology.  Considerable attention
will be given to the cellular, subcellular, biochemical, and molecular
aspects of how living systems work.

Required Text:  "Biology" by Campbell, sixth edition, and student
study guide.

Weekly Assignments: Two-three chapters; problem sets and online
exercises; and a collaborative learning worksheet.

Exams/Papers: There are three mid-semester exams; a comprehensive
final exam and Friday quizzes.