Biology | Molecular Biology
L211 | 1395 | Malacinski, G

Course Format: Lecture: 8:00A-8:50A, MWF, JH A100 and one
collaborative learning/discussion section required each week.

Prerequisites:  P: Biol L112.

Course Description: Structure and function of macromolecules (DNA,
RNA, and protein), including chemical and physical properties, and
roles they play in cellular metabolism.  The synthesis of those
macromolecules (DNA replication, transcription and translation)
reviewed in detail.  Genetic engineering and regulation of gene
expression discussed.

Required Text: Friefelder and Malacinski: "Essentials of Molecular
Biology" and "Accompanying Study Guide” as well as, the “L211 Survival

Weekly Assignments: Weekly worksheets (problems).

Exams/Papers: Three one-hour exams plus final.