Biology | Introduction to Human Genetics
L331 | 1412 | Surzycki, S

Course Format: Lecture: 11:15A-12:30P, TR, JH A106.

Prerequisites:  A course in genetics or consent of instructor.

Course Description: Course gives students a complete foundation in the
principle of human genetics.  This field of genetics is perhaps the
most rapidly growing area of biology today.  Course covers the
following topics:

- Fundamentals of transmission genetics, pedigree analysis of dominant
and recessive genes inheritance.  Linkage analysis (linkage
disequilibrium and lod score analysis).  Sex linked inheritance, sex
influenced and sex limited inheritance.  Determination of sex in humans.
- Fundamentals of human genome structure.  Gene and chromosome
- Organization and expression of the human genes. Human multigene
- Human repetitive DNA, VNTR analysis, mini and microsatelites.  DNA
finger printing.
- Mutation and instability of human DNA.  Chromosomal abnormalities.
- Mapping of the human genome.  Physical mapping, genetic mapping.
Human Genome Project.
- Human genetic diseases.  Molecular pathology of most common genetic
diseases.  Complex diseases. Genetic testing.
- Gene therapy and novel therapeutic approaches to human genetic
- Genetic of cancer.  Oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes.  Somatic
mutations of human DNA and cancer.
- Genetics of immunity.
- PCR technology as applied to human genome analysis.

Exams/Papers: Three exams and assigned reading of original papers.