Biology | Topical Issues in Biology
L410 | 24849 | Bender, A

Course format: Lecture: 9:30A-10:45A, TR.

Requirements: Biol L111 and L112. Strongly recommended: Biol L211 or
S211; L311 or S311.

Course description:  Topics in Cancer and Immunology.This course is
meant to allow students opportunities to identify and explore current
areas of research, of interest to them, concerning cancer and/or
immunology.  Students will have a great deal of freedom and, in turn,
will be expected to take responsibility for being engaged in their own
learning and in the learning of their class mates.

We may choose to rely fairly heavily on current review articles.  Such
articles can be interesting and informative in their own right, and
they can serve to guide us toward research articles that present key
experiments that some students may wish to analyze further.  One
possible general area of research that some students might wish to
investigate is that which deals with prospects for using the immune
system to fight cancer.  Another general area of research could be
strategies for detecting and/or fighting various cancers of the immune
The class as a whole will produce a Web-based resource that contains
rather thorough explanations of 1) main reasons that students would
like to learn about cancer and/or immunology (e.g., explanations of
what students want to be able to accomplish with such knowledge), and
2) concepts concerning cancer and/or immunology that students judge to
be particularly useful.Most of the class meetings will be spent in
small-group and whole-class discussions.

Required Text:  None is required.  We will try to figure out which
books might be useful for various purposes, in case some students
would like to purchase one.

Typical Weekly Assignments:  There will be writing assignments due for
most class meetings.  Many of the assignments will involve writing
comments about other studentsí writings.

Exams/Papers:  There will be no exams.